Communication of the migration of certification services (2020-08-12)

The Certification Entity of the Spanish Medical Organization (OMC) would like to inform the holders of its electronic certificates (registered doctors, directors, staff, representatives of legal persons and electronic seal certificates of legal persons) about the following facts:

a) CGCOM (Spanish General Medical Council) begins a new phase by making available to its users a new electronic certification service that will allow them to expand and improve the old one.
b) The service will allow the replacement of current certificates (based on cryptographic cards) by certificates in the cloud, facilitating their use in any scenario.
c) This improvement involved changing the provider that supports the technical infrastructure of this service, which from now on will be Víntegris.
d) This change requires a migration of all services that will take place in the coming weeks.
e) All the local medical associations and other legal entities in the health field will soon receive technical explanations to carry out the migration.
f) The certificate holders will receive specific information from the local medical associations to carry out this migration.