► What card reader do you recommend using with the digital medical certificate?

Any standard reader will be valid as regards card readers, for example the same one as is used for the Electronic ID document (DNI). It is all done from a PC and using the chip's software and a middleware which we provide from the CGCOM. Instructions are also included for use of the registered doctor's certificate. Below are a few examples of valid readers:

    Bit4id miniLector EVO, Bit4id miniLector Keyboard, Bit4id minilector Bay, ACS ACR38U CCID, ACS ACR3901U, SPR532 PINPAD READER, OMNIKEY CardMan 3621, OMNIKEY CardMan 3121, GEMALTO IDBridge CT30, GEMALTO IDBridge CT40, SCM SDI010, SCM SCR 3310, CHERRY SmartBoard XX44, C3PO, WOXTER.

    From CGCOM we recommend you recognised manufacturers and a good support service, capable of resolving any event that may arise.