Certification policies

The Certification policies of the OMC Certification Entity establish a series of technical and legal security rules that define the certification service and consist of the issue and management of electronic certificates issued by that same body.

The certification policy of the OMC establishes a certification system with the following objectives:

1) The regulation of the issue and management of the registered doctor's card, with the condition of secure device for creating electronic signature.
2) The issue and management, by one or more certification service providers, of recognised certificates of registered doctor's electronic signature and other registered personnel, as well as other certification services which will be provided on the medical card. 

3) The accreditation, by the OMC, of the different certification service providers that supply certificates to the registered professionals, in order to guarantee quality and security in the issue and management of these certificates.
4) The provision of validation and re-certification services to public and private entities, regarding the certificates, in order to guarantee the up-dating and validity of the corporate information included or not included in the certificates, and particularly in the doctor's status.

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